How to Claim and Edit your Listing in the Directory

How to Claim and Edit your Listing in the Directory

It is very important that as a SASO member you have a full, rich listing in the Orthodontist directory.


Why is this so important?

SASO is investing in SEO for the SASO website. This means that in time, searches in Google for keywords associated with orthodontics will result in the SASO website being regularly listed on the 1st page of google. We can expect a sharp increase in traffic to the SASO website of potential patients looking for an orthodontist. If your listing is full and rich it will be a great way to attract new patients to your practice.


How do I create a password to be able to login to the website?


You will notice that there is likely already a listing for you on the new SASO website. This is because all the members on the old website were transferred over to the new site. The old site did not require much information so your listing on the new site will be quite sparse.

Here is how you can login and edit your listing.

Click this link to access the login page on the new website or use the log in link on the main menu on the website. As this will be the first time your are logging into the website, you won’t yet have a password. To get a password, click on “Lost your password” as show below.

This will bring up a pop up where you can enter the email address you used when first registering with SASO. If you can’t remember what email address you used, or you no longer have access to that email address, or you have any other issue please let us know know via the contact us page and we will assist.

Once you have entered your email address, click “Get new password”. An email will be sent to your email address. If an email does not arrive after a few minutes, please check your spam folder. If there is still no email then please let us know know via the contact us page and we will assist.

In the email sent to you will be a link to click. Clicking the link will take you back to the SASO website where you will be able to set a new password.

Please set a very strong unguessable password. If you set a weak password, a hacker maybe be able to login to your profile and make changes at will.

Once you have set a password you will be taken back to the login screen where you can now login using your email address and your new password.

If you forget your password you can simply repeat the above procedure to set a new password.


How do I edit my listing?


Once you successfully logged in, you will be taken to your personal dash board. On that dash board you will see your listing title.

To edit your listing click on the listing title. This will open up your listing and show it as visitors to the site will see it. To edit the listing, click on the gear icon on the right hand side, the choose edit from the drop down menu.

This will open an editable page where you can edit your listing.

Listing Title (Title & Full Name)

We recommend your use your full title for this. For example Dr. Dennis Demo Alternatively, if you practice has a name, you could insert your practice name here.

Full Name

Insert your full name and your correct title.

Orthodontist Profile Photo

Your profile photo is extremely important. People are extremely visual and will often make a decision based on appearance alone. Please take time to take a professional profile photograph. Please have a read through of this guide on how to take a professional profile picture.

To upload, or change your profile picture, start by removing the current image, if there is one. To do that click the red X on the right side of the image.

Then click where it says add image. This will open a media library. Click on Upload files. This will open up a file manager on your computer where you will be able to browse to your profile pic, select it and upload it to the media library.

Once your profile pic has been uploaded to the media library you need to insert it into the listing. To do this select the profile pic. The selected image will be be marked with a blue tick.

Once selected look to the bottom right of your screen and click “insert into post”.

This will add the new profile picture to your listing.

Orthodontist Description

This is also a super important section. This is where you can share with site visitors key information that you would like them to know. Perhaps you specialise in a particular technique, or you focus on adults, or you have had additional training and education that you would like to highlight. We suggest listing a basic CV and how long you have been practising. You need to provide the information a potential patient needs in order to decide to book an initial consultation with you.

Practice Details

There is allowance for you to list up to 4 practices if you have multiple practices. Please complete all the fields. You will be able to add a practice logo in the same way as you added a profile pic. As long as the practice address is a valid and accepted by google, your practice address will appear as a pin on the google map. This will allow visitors to simply click your address to launch the google maps app with directions to your practice.

Practice Facilities

Please select the facilities and services that you offer by simply clicking the check box next to the facility that you offer.

Practice Hours

Please configure the days and hours that your practice is typically open. Use the “add more” button to load additional days of the week. You have several options where you can either set particular hours or choose an option such as by appointment only.

Featured Articles

This is an exciting feature that will add tremendous value to your listing. If you have authored any of the articles posted to the website, you will be able to choose them here. Being the author of a piece of great content on the site is wonderful way to show expertise and build trust with your prospective patients.

Dont’ forget to save changes

To save all your hard work, click the red save changes button.

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