Everything you need to know about getting braces as an adult

Everything you need to know about getting braces as an adult

It is never too late to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of. It is perfectly normal for an adult to have orthodontic treatment. Adults are increasingly seeking treatment as technology improves and wearing braces becomes less noticeable. The brackets used today are much smaller, and orthodontists now offer adult-specific treatments that make it seem like you’re not wearing braces at all.


Reasons Adults are seeking braces 

Many adults may not have been able to afford braces when they were younger and have the means to now. Braces have become more affordable, especially with the payment options being offered. Braces are becoming less noticeable, unlike they used to be in days gone by. Many adults that have undergone treatment in the past may have relapsed due to poor treatment or not following up on post-treatment care, and need their teeth to be realigned again. 


When is the right time for an adult to see a specialist? 

You are never too old to undergo orthodontic treatment. The older you get the more complex the treatment may be, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be done. Most adults over the years have had fillings, lost teeth, or had some unwanted dental issues which make the corrective process a little more difficult. This is a challenge a specialist orthodontist is happy to handle. You can have the confidence that your specialist orthodontist will be able to get your old smile looking brand new with the help of their specific orthodontic knowledge and experience.


Why should an adult undergo treatment? 

Everyone deserves the smile they’ve always wanted, no matter what age they may be. Receiving orthodontic treatment is not just beneficial for the health of your mouth, but gives you newfound confidence in yourself. Having a corrected smile makes a big difference to your overall appearance and how you carry yourself. Orthodontic treatment for adults may also help prevent tooth decay and periodontal problems as they age. Aligned teeth and jaws create a healthy and clean environment for your teeth and gums and prevent any dental complications. 


Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a great treatment option for adults and are most commonly used on patients of an older age. Aligners are clear trays made out of plastic that are removable. These aligners slowly and sequentially align your teeth. These aligners gently position misaligned teeth resulting in a straight smile without the appearance of wearing brackets. Aligners are custom made for your mouth, and are fitted by your orthodontist. 


Is it worth it?

Yes. When your treatment is completed and your results are a success you will not only have perfectly straightened teeth but you’ll have a newfound confidence. Orthodontic treatment is beneficial in many ways, not just aesthetically but mentally and physically. The health of your teeth and gums will improve, your self-esteem will improve. Therefore, receiving orthodontic treatment is absolutely worthwhile. 

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